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QSC KW181 Subwoofer

QSC KW181 Subwoofer

The KW Series has been primarily designed for portable audio reinforcement. This includes a variety of uses in reinforcement for entertainers and presenters. The KW122, KW152 and KW153 are all designed to perform well on their own in full-range audio. They can be used singly, in stereo pairs or in distributed or delayed systems. The KW122 may also be used as a stage monitor.

The KW122, KW152, and KW153 are equipped with a 35 mm pole socket that allows use on a speaker stand or on a pole over a KW181 subwoofer. The pole socket on the KW122 and KW152 features the QSC Tilt-Direct™ system for tilting the enclosures down 7.5° while on a pole. The pole socket on the KW153 does not allow tilting.

For extra low-frequency extension and enhancement, the KW181 is perfectly matched to the rest of the KW Series. The KW122, KW152 and KW153 all have a 100 Hz high-pass filter for use with the subwoofer. The KW181 includes a fixed low-pass filter so it will accept full-range input. The KW181 has four large casters for maximum portability. The pole socket on the top of the enclosure is fitted with an M20 threaded insert. The included speaker pole screws into the socket for a secure fit.

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