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MagicFX Swirl Fan

MagicFX Swirl Fan

Producers of theatre performances, fashion shows, or TV broadcasts often want to add a bit of glamour to their show. The easiest way to do this, is by means of a confetti machine. With a confetti machine you can drop a beautiful rain of coloured confetti, creating a highly glamorous atmosphere. The Magic FX Swirl Fan is such a machine, and it may well be the best one of its kind. The Fan is easily suspended by means of the separately available G hooks - simply hook it up to a power supply and you can start blowing confetti. The more power you use, the higher the output of the Fan. That means you can also connect a dimmer pack and control the Swirl Fan indirectly via DMX, allowing you to control the output with one simple fader.

Operating the Swirl Fan is incredibly easy. Simply fill the machine with two pounds of confetti, after which the large fan distributes the confetti in a properly dosed yet powerful way. Because the fan operates silently, the Swirl Fan is ideal for TV recordings. It's simply a cool machine that creates amazing effects, even in photographs.

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